Uncover the number one treasure of prepainted steel plates

Description:​Do you know which is the number one treasure product of prepainted steel plate?

Do you know which is the number one treasure product of prepainted steel plate? 


First of all, PVDF fluorocarbon color coated board is known as the "color plate king" of color steel plate , which has both super anti-fade and anti-chalking performance, and has super corrosion resistance, which can ensure that it is beautiful for more than 20 years under normal use environment.

PVDF fluorocarbon coatings were first developed in 1961 and entered the market in 1965, mainly used in major projects such as nuclear power plants in the early days, and later expanded to the field of commercial and public buildings.In recent years, it has been widely used in highly corrosive industrial building applications.


So what is the hardcore technology that makes fluorocarbon color coated steel sheets so highly regarded?

First, It is the innate advantage of fluorocarbon resin. The maximum electronegative properties of fluorine atoms in fluorocarbon resins form very stable fluorocarbon bonds, coupled with the unique symmetry of their molecules. The fluorocarbon coating has extraordinary stability, unique anti-ultraviolet photolysis performance and excellent insulation properties.

The second hard core technology is the inorganic ceramic pigments used in fluorocarbon coatings. Inorganic ceramic pigments are pigments made of natural minerals or inorganic compounds, compared with organic pigments used in ordinary PE polyester, higher bond energy, more stable structure, and better light resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and solvent resistance.


Although there are two hardcore technologies, the fluorocarbon color coated board can be used outdoors for more than 20 years and is still as beautiful as new, firmly sitting on the throne of the top "color plate king" in the color coating industry. But also pay attention to the choice and take care of it. First of all, because the production of fluorocarbon color coating board uses fluorocarbon coatings and inorganic pigments, these inorganic pigments will have the disadvantage of incomplete chromatography, and the color is not as bright as organic pigments. If you want to produce more vivid colors, you need to add organic pigments appropriately, but the weather resistance will be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, fluorocarbon color coated board is not recommended to choose too bright colors. Secondly, the paint surface of the fluorocarbon coating is relatively soft and the scratch resistance is poor. The surface usually needs a transparent protective film, which is removed after installation. However, in order to reduce production and installation costs, some domestic fluorocarbon color coated plate manufacturers may omit the step of transparent protective film. Then, this requires downstream users to pay attention to cleaning the production environment as much as possible during the pressing process and installation, prevent brutal processing and installation, avoid contact with sharp objects and sand particles, and reduce dragging links.

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