Corporate events
Linqing Hongji Group Co., Ltd. ERP project launch meeting was successfully held

On January 11, 2018, Linqing Hongji Group Co., Ltd. held an ERP project kick-off meeting on the first floor conference room. The participants were the general manager, deputy general manager and the first person in charge of each department. At the meeting, experts spoke to the start-up meeting and explained the importance and practicality of the software. After the software is put into use, it can greatly improve the company's management level and enable the company to reach a new level. After the meeting, the general manager made a concluding speech and first fully affirmed the ERP management software:

At present, the scale and output value of the company have doubled compared with 2016. The past management model has not kept up with the pace of progress. It is necessary to promote innovation, abandon the old model, and develop a new model in order to advance the tide of social progress. To keep up with the pace, not to be eliminated; then, require the head of each department to fully recognize the software, only full approval, in order to speed up the promotion of software construction, and the use of management later, the heads of all departments should strongly support the work of experts.

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