About the problem of water ingress corrosion of rock wool color steel composite panel

Description:About the problem of water ingress corrosion of rock wool color steel composite panel

PART 1:Analysis of water ingress corrosion problem of rock wool color steel composite panel

Rock wool composite board is composed of rock wool core material and double-sided color steel plate, which is a lightweight, high-strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, fireproof building materials, and has a wide range of applications in industrial and civil buildings. If there is a problem of water corrosion, not only the owner looks troublesome, but also needs to spend money to replace the board again. And the construction party is also troubled, because the final payment is not easy to recover.

The characteristics of water corrosion of rock wool are that the back of the color steel is more serious than the front side, and the rust is from the inside out. The closer the roof panel is to the edge of the composite panel, the more serious the corrosion phenomenon, especially in parts such as eaves where the height is low and water is not easy to drain. The corrosion of rock wool walls is prone to occur at the bottom, as shown in the figure below.


The above corrosion is due to unreasonable shape design, slow roof slope, insufficient drainage capacity, non-standard construction or long-term roof no maintenance, resulting in water ingress of composite panels. The main components of rock wool include silica, alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, etc., Basalt is the main raw material of rock wool ,is converted into fiber by high-temperature and high-speed centrifugation, and resin or some other binders are combined, its acidity coefficient is greater than 1.6, plus rock wool itself absorbs water, so the absorbed rock wool water has a strong corrosive effect on color steel.

PART 2:How to prevent water corrosion of rock wool color steel tile

1、Check whether the roof tiles are installed firmly

First of all, you need to check whether the rock wool color steel tile is firmly installed on the roof. If the tiles are not installed in place, it is prone to water leakage. Mounting holes and screws can be inspected to see if they are loose or worn.

2、Repair cracks and holes

If the tiles are well installed, but there are still water leakage problems, cracks and holes in the roof need to be repaired. Treated with professional roofing waterproofing and leakage repair materials, it is fully covered to ensure that the catchment area is completely sealed.

3、Clean roof and roof drainage

If the rock wool color steel tile is not maintained for a long time, debris and garbage may be deposited on the tile, hindering the discharge of water flow. At this time, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the roof, remove garbage and debris. If the roof drainage system fails, it also needs to be repaired or replaced.

4、Strengthen maintenance

In order to avoid the problem of water ingress of rock wool color steel tile roof recurrence, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the roof. Regularly check the condition of the roof, repair loopholes in time, and clean the roof can also extend the service life of rock wool color steel tiles.

5.Shop for high-quality roofing materials

In the construction stage, it is necessary to select materials with excellent quality and reliable performance, such as high-quality rock wool color steel tiles. This avoids unnecessary troubles in the later use process.

6、Well-organized drainage system

In the design stage of rock wool color steel tile roof, it is necessary to reasonably plan the drainage system to avoid the occurrence of water accumulation. Designing the gutters in the roof lower allows rainwater to be drained smoothly.

PART 3:Conclusion

Water ingress of rock wool color steel tile is a very common problem, and measures need to be taken to deal with it in time. Reduce inconvenience caused by water ingress corrosion.

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