HuaHeng Project

Description:Shandong Huaheng New Materials Co , Ltd project


Project Name: Shandong Huaheng New Materials Co., Ltd. Project

Project location: Liaocheng, Shandong

Hongji product application: polyester color coated board

Use area: 30,000 square meters

Paint type: polyester

Paint film: 5+15um/5-7um



With a total investment of 250 million yuan and an area of 62.59 mu, Shandong Huaheng New Materials Co., Ltd. is a new modern management enterprise integrating the production, 

processing and sales of high-strength galvanized sheet, aluminum-zinc plate, corrugated board, high-speed guardrail and accessories.

Products are mainly used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, transportation and other fields.

With excellent product quality and service, since the product was put on the market, it has not only sold well in the domestic market, but also exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East,

 Africa, Central and South America, as well as Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.

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